Black Children & Education: Closing The Gap Between White & Black Students

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hbs blog Don’t worry if your child pushes for autonomy for this is normal for children. Pushing for independence is also a part of human nature to want to feel in control rather than to feel being controlled by someone else. Don’t mistakenly equate a child’s independence with rebelliousness or disobedience.

Three, covering the costs of your funeral. The cost of a funeral is outrageous these days. Sometimes the cost of funerals can be in the range of five thousand to twenty five thousand dollars. I am sure if most people know the real price of a funeral, if they did they may have a heart attack on the spot. Life insurance coverage is also known as death insurance. However insurance companies change the death to life, sounds better don’t you think.

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This stage should not be a time to lie in bed all day long and quit physical movements. All the more a mother-to-be should be active and mobile in order to have a safe pregnancy and delivery.

Mrs. Sharma even after being highly educated and earning handsome money does not have any key role in the major home decisions. Her advice was never sought after by anybody. All the decisions are taken by her husband alone. Whether it is the decision of buying a TV, a Washing machine or a Micro wave. She is only a spectator. Even she has no control on her salary. She has to ask her husband for money. Not only the matters related to money but also the major matters like best corporate blogs or buying a home are taken by her husband alone. She was only reduced to a puppet. Do expect this type of situation of highly educated women? But is reality with many educated women in India.

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